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Herald of Eretsu: Animosity Unyielding

Not since the Great Khan’s conquest has Eretsu witnessed the mobilization of so many Golems as today march upon its many battlefields. From the frozen northern reaches of the Durani Empire to the sun-baked Urugal deserts, an unprecedented deluge of blood soaks Eretsu’s soil. However, surely this is no news to you knights, who have […]

Durani: Champions of the Western Wind

The new war in the wake of the Great Khan’s death rages on, shaking the foundations of the Durani Empire. Enemies press the walls of civilization on many fronts, but the Empire’s resources run deep, and the full might of its golem armies has yet to be awakened. The Champions of the Western Wind are […]

League Play, APV, and App Update

Knights of Eretsu, We have a few brief but important updates for you: League Play Block 3 begins the 9th You heard right, the 3rd Block of Conquest of Eretsu begins on December 9th, and will run until January 6th. Block 2 maps will be turned off at that time, so make sure you get in […]

Gudanna: Raiders of the Blasted Land — Now Available!

As Eretsu continues to descend into chaos now more than a year after the Great Khan’s death, the khans of the Dominion have new weapons to call into battle against those that would attempt to steal what the Great Khan’s Dominion took through strength and force of will. The Raiders of the Blasted Land are […]

New Lore: A Failure of Diplomacy

New Lore: A Failure of Diplomacy by Martin Souza   On the eve of battle leaders seek allies, reflect on rivalries, and prepare for war on all fronts. Be sure to join the conversation on our forums! This story is a lead-in to our limited-time League Play Event: Conquest of Eretsu! Be sure to participate between now […]

Now Available: The Tidal Lord!

The Zikia Tidal Lord, fifth in our line of Web Exclusive singles, is now available via our US, Canadian, and European web stores! The Tidal Lord reigns supreme while standing in Water regions on the map. Enemies sharing its region suffer 10 damage each turn, while Allies seeking the Tidal Lord’s protection recover 10 health […]

Ashmogh Colossus & Sun Viper Elite Now Available!

After some delay, the Ashmogh Cometh! Our third Colossus, the Urugal Ashmogh, has been available at your friendly local game store since August, but has now arrived at our US web store.   Also released today is our latest Elite Single: The Sun Viper on our US web store. Find out more about this Golem […]

Urugal: Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs – June 24

Our friends in Germany have been enjoying the newest Urugal: Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs, localized to their language, for a few weeks. Next Wednesday, June 24th, these Golems and Relics will officially hit store shelves elsewhere in the world. If you haven’t already, be sure to let your friendly local game store know that you’d […]

Golem Arcana Tokens Now Available Internationally!

You spoke, and we listened! Golem Arcana players in Europe and Canada can finally upgrade their Base Game cardboard tokens with the popular & super-durable resin tokens created by player (and lore writer) J.C. Hutchins. These are officially licensed products from HBS, and are available for purchase at HBS’s online EU and Canadian store. Two […]

Limited Edition Relic Cards for Sale!

Brand new on the Golem Arcana web store, we are now offering a pack of seven Promotional Relic cards that previously were only available as giveaways at Organized Play events and game conferences! The relics included are: The Rod of Kaza calls forth the Kraken of the Sands construct which, once per turn, can pull an enemy Golem […]