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New Living World Campaign “Realm of Cinders” – May 6th

“The Zikia tribes that reside in the Wildwood call themselves the Forest Born, and most follow a central tenet of reverence of life in all its forms. To upset the balance of nature is anathema to these wild and varied people.” — Neraada Bahar, Imperial Scribe “The Zura will defend the Wildwood against all that would defile her. Be they Durani or Gudanna, […]

The Mercenary Kings: Rangers of the Oath

The Rangers of the Oath will be yours to command on March 25th! Formed through an unlikely alliance between two powerful Mercenary Kings, this elite unit operates deep in unfriendly territory, seeking out legendary relics from both Zikia and Urugal myths. Their ultimate prize? Relics containing the secrets of creating Colossi—a goal that both Clan […]

Army Design Challenge: Durani – The Khan’s Pyre

Greetings Knights, We have a challenge to set before you! While talking with Golem Arcana players, we’ve found many new players would like an easier starting point in the army creation process. Staring at an empty list of armies can be a bit daunting at first, with so many Golems and Relics and Knights and […]