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Conquest of Eretsu By the Numbers

Hail Knights! Season 2 of our League of the Hundred Skulls is a wrap, and we thought it would be fun to share some statistics and an at-a-glance look at some of the interesting data points from the events. Raw numbers: League Games Played: 1,071! Impending Aggression: 382 Games Played Crucible of Conflict: 433 Games Played Tides […]

Golem Arcana at Orca Con and G.A.M.E. this weekend

Get your tournament on at ORCACon, (Fri, Sat, and Sun) and G.A.M.E. (Sat) This weekend! The free city of Apanika is the home to the League of the 100 Skulls. While open war has returned to Eretsu in the wake of the Khan’s death, the League still calls to some of the greatest Golem Knights and […]

Tides of Conquest Week 4 Standings

Week  Event champions: Note: Thus concludes the second League of the Hundred Skulls! The outcome of the battles fought by valiant Golem Knights across Eretsu will be posted soon, as will the details for Season 3! foodguydarrah njordans jdub mistress k 458mag daskindt League Standings (total): n33dl3s 164 hutweque 135 spyderbyte 108 mistress k 93 […]

Tides of Conquest Week 3 Standings

Week  Event champions: Note: Back from the Holidays, and bearing the new ancient one “The Teacher” in tow. All event champions throughout Tides of Conquest should see it added to their inventory today and tomorrow. Week 4 standings will be posted Jan 7th. goofster csypher elfkin virsa waywardpaladin n33dl3s League Standings (total): n33dl3s 157 hutweque […]

Tides of Conquest Week 2 Standings

Week  Event champions: Note: Happy Holidays! HBS Offices will be closed Dec 24-Jan 4. The new Ancient One prize needs a bit more tweaking, but those below will have it awarded when it’s ready, (likely first week of January). vkdesign spyderbyte shadow_hawk2h lauratron waywardpaladin goofster kallan n33dl3s harvie hnloaded League Standings (total): n33dl3s 148 hutweque […]

Tides of Conquest Week 1 Standings

Week  Event champions: Note: Block 3 – Tides of Conquest runs December 9th through January 6th! The new Ancient One prize needed a bit more tweaking, but those below will have it awarded when it’s ready. archer3600 hair10 valotian gregorkhan daskindt eliteone hutweque dolus kerios wowskyguy cq charmen85 spyderbyte emmamae07 indy kingsnake League Standings (total): n33dl3s 134 […]

Crucible of Conflict Bonus Week Standings

Week  Event champions: Note: Block 3 – Tides of Conquest is live – Play the latest scenarios from December 9th through January 6th! axion oldguynewbie mardin typhonous waywardpaladin kahga kallan spyderbyte League Standings (total): n33dl3s 124 hutweque 103 spyderbyte 85 mistress k 68 emmamae07 62 typhonous 56 kallan 55 cq 52 charmen85 49 dtrdwngs 48 […]

Conquest of Eretsu Block 3: Tides of Conquest Live!

The League of the Hundred Skulls continues with Block 3 in the “Conquest of Eretsu” series! Block 3: “Tides of Conquest” will run from December 9th through January 6th. During a League Play event, players battle each other with a single 500-point army across three scenarios using the same map, but with various victory conditions and […]

Crucible of Conflict Week 4 Standings

Week  Event champions: Note: Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Weekend! Block 2: “Crucible of Conflict” will be extended 1 week to now end on Dec 9th to account for the holiday. Block 3 will begin on Dec 9th as planned. hutweque spyderbyte dtrdwngs brennus rsvp berserker draega silverwolf n33dl3s League Standings (total): n33dl3s 117 hutweque […]

Herald of Eretsu: Tides of Conquest

Over the course of the last few months, reports from our agents across Eretsu have flooded in, tracking the constantly changing battlelines across the continent. It was with great difficulty that I assembled accurate information as the flames of war spread far and wide. Currently, major battles flare from the Northern Urugal lands to the […]