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GenCon Game Hall Report

The Golem Arcana area of the game hall was packed every day from 10am until 10pm and all the way until 1am on Saturday! In total over 900 people played full games of Golem Arcana in the game hall during GenCon. Eight different scenarios where being played, from 500 point Last Man Standing to 1,000 […]

GenCon Tournament of the Hundred Skulls

The Tournament of the Hundred Skulls Hosted by the most powerful Mercenary Kings for over a century, the annual Tournament of the Hundred Skulls has become so prestigious that even princes of the Durani Empire and khans of the Gudanna Dominion come to compete in the event – which is equal parts debauchery, diplomacy, and […]

GenCon Booth Report

We are just back from GenCon but our voices are not – that will likely take weeks The reception for Golem Arcana at GenCon was overwhelming! We brought a lot of product but we totally underestimated demand at the show. We sold out of Base Games and expansion packs on Thursday, had more shipped in […]