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What Is Said

The map, drawn by long-dead hands in some isolated monastery, was jostled by the head that landed on it and ruined in a spray of blood. The head, eyes goggling at its predicament, once brown, was now blue black. The blood a perfect, bright red. All at the table recognized the head. It was Tamras, […]

Clarity of Rule

Raja Sudhamra considered the map again and looked back upon the messenger. The boy was young, but his markings indicated he was one to be watched. Dahr was his name, a slum child of the lower city who scrabbled his way into the corps, just like Sudharma had. Dahr’s uniform was perfect, but missing one […]

Whom Do You Serve?

The Horned Blight stopped, but the clanking of its burden continued, as it reached the edge of the stream. The mass of bone twitched and shifted, as nervous as its rider. The Urugal Knight, Raza Osa Bin Beleem, jumped down to consider the mud. The moment he left his Golem, it lost its spark and […]

Blood and Fire

Download Into Your E-Reader   The knight was on fire. And screaming. You don’t see things like this in Kutastha, the capital city of the great Gudanna Dominion. Its streets are renowned for their absolute safety, thanks to the vigilant watch of the city’s elite Araksa guard. And you certainly don’t see such things within […]

Behold the Colossus!

Debuting this September, hot on the heels of the Golem Arcana launch, is the mighty Durani Jagara Colossus. The Jagara towers more than seventy feet over the battlefield (the model is 6 1/2″ tall!), destroying any obstructions it steps on. It bristles with so many weapons that it requires three Knights to direct them all! […]