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Caves of Mahtis Living World Scenario Available Until December 3!

The second Living World scenario, Caves of Mahtis is now live and available for play through December 3. What strange things are waiting for you in the Caves? Living World Scenarios give players the opportunity to affect the fate of the World of Eretsu with every choice of faction, NPC conversation, acceptance and completion of quests, […]

How To Take Down a Jagara Colossus

Zach here again, talking about how to take down the big guy- the Jagara Colossus! First off, we need to admit that the Jagara Colossus is massive – there’s just no getting around that. However, that doesn’t mean that he’s invincible. Here are a couple of fun approaches to try to cut him down to […]

Anatomy of a Golem

You choose your Golem, your attack, and your target: Tap, Tap, Click, BOOM. It’s fast and fun but what’s really going on behind the scenes? Golem Arcana is a complex hybrid of multiple gaming disciplines. Here’s a glimpse into how we mix our particular miniatures chocolate with delicious digital peanut butter. NERD WARNING: In this […]

Why I’m Excited About Living World Scenarios

Hi, I’m Nathan Weisman. I joined the Harebrained Schemes team full time about a month ago to work on communications, marketing and world building. One of the projects that I work on is the Living World scenarios for Golem Arcana. The first Living World Campaign, Shadow of the Khan, went live last week, and will […]

Gudanna Charred Reavers Elite Unit Now Available!

Constantly on the the move, the Gudanna Charred Reavers are a highly mobile attack unit that capitalize on their speed to devastating effect as they roam the battlefield for prey. Led by the vicious Princess Rataya, they  fight zealously on behalf of Princess Nandanna. For a closer look at what the Charred Reavers and their […]

The Charred Reavers Elite Unit Now Available!

Looking for a highly mobile attack unit to add some speed to your army? The Gudanna Charred Reavers Elite Unit is now available including 4 Golems and 4 new Blood Knights. Our latest video shares their powerful attacks and the damage they can inflict on their enemies. Exclusively available in the Golem Arcana Webstore.

The Terrors of the Steppes are Here to Conquer

Gudanna golems are known for taking advantage of their ability to charge at their opponent to deliver a devastating attck at close range and the Terrors of the Steppes –  the Blood Channeler, the Grappling Death and the Demon Lash – do just that! Check out this video for an overview of all three figures as well […]

Terrors of the Steppe Gudanna Expansion Set Now Available

Terror of the Stepps introduces three new powerful golems to bolster the ranks of the Gudanna. The Blood Channeler, Grappling Death, and Demon Lash are capable of tearing apart an  enemy force. In true Gudanna fashion, these golems are all about charging into close range and delivering devesting attacks. This set also includes four new Relics […]

Happy Anniversary, Golem Arcana Kickstarters!

Today is the One-Year Anniversary of funding the Golem Arcana Kickstarter and we thank you all so much! To celebrate, we’ve released 15 new Knights and two new Scenarios – the Battle of Monty’s Haul and an Epic Scenario that were played at GenCon! You’ll also find performance improvements and bug fixes as well.