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Durani Empire: The Gilded Band

Wondering why the Gilded Band might be just the right Golems to add to your army? Here’s a great video overview of their individual powers and a peek at the four Knights exclusive to these figures. More information can be found about the Knights in our Searchable Database here. Available now in the Golem Arcana […]

The Gilded Band is Now on Sale!

The ostentatious golems of The Gilded Band cause many to underestimate them – a mistake few survive. For beneath the gold plating is a devious and battle-hardened elite unit. Regimental commander Ramaka uses misleading showmanship to his advantage on the battlefield, as well as in the court of his sponsor, Princess Dasra. Here’s a video […]

The Golem Arcana Forums Are Live!

We are excited to announce that the official Golem Arcana Forum are open and we anticipate a terrific community will grow and thrive there. The forums are a great place to learn about and share strategies, ask questions about the intricacies of rules, brag about wins, mourn losses, and connect with the HBS Team. If you have […]

Could You Be an Emissary of Eretsu?

As the Organized Play Coordinator, I’m lucky to have the opportunity to interact on a daily basis with players who are already so passionate about Golem Arcana that they volunteer their valuable time to encourage others to love the game as much as they do – the Emissaries of Eretsu! Emissaries are Mentors and Organizers […]

The Golem Arcana Webstore is Open for Business!

Starting today, Golem Arcana can be purchased through our website! While we still want you to frequent your local game store, you’ll find some things here on our site that won’t be available there like an extra stylus, elite units and limited edition figures. You can head on over there now to check it out!  Please […]


We have a new story from our multi-talented Chris Rogers,  Creative Director for Golem Arcana. Find out what happens as Vahl Kitra, mercenary leader of the Forsaken Five-Hundred, attempts to defile an Urugal temple on the edge of the desert. And remember, you can always download the pdf so you can read it whenever you […]

Our First Digital Content Update!

We’re excited to release our first Digital Content Update for Golem Arcana. This update is automatic and will apply the next time you launch the app. Using your feedback and gameplay data as a guide, we have updated the game to give Knight Abilities a stronger game impact, taken a fresh look at Activation costs, […]

Major update to Knights, Ancient Ones & Army Point Values

Hail, Warriors of Eretsu! This blog post contains the thought process behind today’s major update to Knights, Ancient Ones, and Army Point Values. Because Golem Arcana is a Living Game and our servers are able to collect gameplay data, the more you play, the better information we will have to balance the game. You can […]