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Play Golem Arcana for the Food Lifeline

We’re proud to host Golem Arcana games at the Pre-PAX Sky High Tabletop Play event, benefitting Food Lifeline. On August 28, play Golem Arcana and tons of other fun games from 5 pm til 2 am at the Columbia Tower Club, 76th floor, downtown Seattle.  This is not just another board game party! Featuring thousands of dollars in […]

Golem Arcana: The Newest Gateway Game on Tabletop Minions

Atom at Tabletop Minions has posted a great video overview of Golem Arcana. This video is perfect for friends who are curious what makes Golem Arcana special and what it’s like to play. Share it with your friends! Follow Tabletop Minions on Twitter and Facebook.

Golems of Arcanum Gudanna

“Nadanna’s eyes marked each man, one by one. None returned her gaze, not even those who had already secretly sworn to support her when the time came for her to claim the Dominion’s Saddle Throne. There were other heirs, for certain, but few that could match her abilities and none could match her determination. “’I […]

Golems of Arcanum Durani

“The emerald marking Rue on Sudhamra’s map would forever remind the Raja of his two thousand men of the Western Wind turned inside out and scattered on the field of battle. At the end of every one of their last moments on this world was the Khan on his Sand Lion—the terror of Eretsu, banner […]

Golems of Arcanum Urugal

“The Horned Blight stopped, but the clanking of its burden continued, as it reached the edge of the stream. The mass of bone twitched and shifted, as nervous as its rider. The Urugal Knight, Raza Osa Bin Beleem, jumped down to consider the mud. The moment he left his Golem, it lost its spark and […]

Golems of Arcanum Zikia

“Suddenly, the tree behind Beleem took an enormous stride forward. Towering twice as high as his own Golem, the Wildwood Dryad was certainly imposing. Beleem had to crane his neck to take it all in. If this was his end then at least there was some wonder in it.” As diverse as the plants from […]