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Zikia: Spirits of the Wildwood Available Now!

The second Zikia expansion, Spirits of the Wildwood is available now! This expansion includes three new Golems: The Fen Lord, Thornbeast, and Creeper.  In addition the set includes four new Relics to work into your strategy. For more information on the Spirits of the Wildwood check out our blog on them here. You can get […]

Web of Thorns

In the heart of the Wildwood, not far from the Mahatavi, where the trees cluster so thickly that only a child can fit between them, there is a door that is not a door. Get a look at the inside of the Preveza, home of the Circle and court of Clan Samula, as the war […]

Jade Guardians Available Online Now!

The Jade Guardians are now available online! The Jade Guardians are an elite unit of warrior monks from the mountains of the Durani Empire. Trained to use their environment against their enemies, the Jade Guardians share a passive ability that deals damage each round depending on the cover they are in. Additionally, each Golem has a […]

Zikia: Spirits of the Wildwood Coming Soon!

The roar of the Imperial war machine shakes the heart of the Wildwood, stirring ancient spirits and the wrath of the Zikia. The Spirits of the Wildwood expansion includes three new Zikia Golems, and four new relics that can be used in any of your Golem Arcana armies. Golems The Creeper Blasting its foes with […]

From an Emissary: The Durani Jade Guardians

Greetings, fellow knights and travelers of Eretsu! Some of you may already know me as Mardin of Chatzuk, the golem knight to whom I had the distinction of lending my face, but today I come to you merely as Martin, an Emissary in New York City. (If you’re in the area, check the calendar for […]

QR Army Transfer/ Login Guide

Not everyplace you’ll want to play Golem Arcana is going to have a readily available internet connection, or connection speeds may be prohibitively slow. To get around this and to help make sure you can play where you want, how you want – we’ve created an “Offline” method to join games and transfer your army […]

New App Features and Main Menu Changes!

The Golem Arcana App can be automatically updated on your device now! Here are some of the changes you’ll find!   Play with Up to 8 Players in a Single Game! Golem Arcana now supports up to 8 players in a single game playing on one device! Multiplayer scenarios will be included and you’ll also be able […]

The Jade Guardians

Meet the Jade Guardians, a new Elite force set to release on the 4th of February! The Jade Guardians are an elite unit attached to the Western Wind of the Durani Empire, and they are a terrifying force to behold on the battlefield. Trained by the enigmatic Master Arahmsi, they are adept at using their environment against their enemies. […]

Durani Scions of Honor available NOW!

The Durani Scions of Honor are available now online and in stores! You can find them on the HBS store here! Read about the three new powerful Golems in Scions of Honor, including the mighty Growling Phalanx here.