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Living World Wrap Up: Shadow of the Khan

Join Jordan Weisman, Brian Poel, Chris Rogers, and Nate Weisman as they chat about Golem Arcana’s first Living World story arc, Shadow of the Khan, and answer community questions. In addition to answering questions Jordan and Chris took this chance to make a few big announcements for projects down the line including a novella and […]

Durani Scions of Honor

The Durani march to war and Eretsu shakes. The Scions of Honor now march with the Empire’s armies, bringing with them a host of new abilities to halt the Gudanna hordes. Including the Vigilant Sentinel, Blazing Dervish and Growling Phalanx, in addition to four new relics The Scions of Honor are here to turn the […]

Valkali: The Many Faced Gudanna Colossus

The Gudanna Colossus Valkali is here to level the battlefield against the Durani. The Valkali is a uniquely flexible Golem, capable of completely changing its four attacks to fit perfectly into your army. Having less health and armor than its Durani counterpart the Jagara, the Valkali makes up for it with greater Dodge and Speed. […]

Lords of the Line Results

The Recorded History of the Battle of the Lords of the Line: Taking the initiative after defeating the invading Imperial Durani army at Two Rock, the Lords of the Dominion mustered at Val Sattra for a counterattack on the Durani castle of Tel Kubra on the Line. Composed of 15 fortresses, seven Gudanna and eight […]

Journal of Urtu the Scribe: The Castles of the Line

From the journals of Urtu the Scribe: Amateur tacticians often debate the relative strength and wisdom of hypothetical campaigns on the Line. Such talk does little more than keep tea houses busy with custom as the old men talk and shout and arrange the cups on their tables to illustrate their points. There is, however, […]

New Features in Update!

A new update for the Golem Arcana app is coming today for the iTunes, Google Play, and will be coming soon to Amazon. The update includes several new features, listed below.   Scenario Builder: Scenario Builder allows you to make custom Scenarios using any of the tiles you own. In addition to creating a custom map, […]

Lords of the Line, Living Word Scenario playable till Jan. 7!

The Living World Scenario Lords of the Line  is now live! Having bested the Durani at the battle of Two Rock the Gudanna have halted the Empire’ s invasion. Taking advantage of their victory the Gudanna are now trying to change the tide of the war by capturing the one of the mighty Durani border castles […]

Results of the Caves of Mahtis

The Recorded History of the Caves of Mahtis: Pursuing the Durani forces as they fled the city of Two Rock, the Gudanna vanguard encountered an enemy force stationed around the Caves of Mahtis. The Empire was searching for the ancient and powerful Rune of Zukti, a mystical Zri artifact hidden deep in the caves. Taking […]

From the Journals of Urtu the Scribe

The Castles of the Line…   Anyone with any question about how tenuous the peace is between to the two great powers of Eretsu need only look at the Line, the mighty fortifications that they have erected across the plain of Paranami between the Zailata and Ul-Napur Mountains. These rich farmlands are now spotted with […]

The Reapers of the Sands Urugal Expansion Set Now Available

The Reapers of the Sands are now available online and in stores! Reapers of the Sands introduces three new Nightmarish golems that will add a deadly edge to your Golem Arcana Army. The Corpse Collector, Necrotic Fencer, and Bone Fiend all are from the Urugal Arcanum, and can be added to your army no matter […]