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Results of the Battle of Two Rock

The Recorded History of the Battle of Two Rock: Led by Luja and her brother Murkha, the Durani launched a massive assault on the City of Two Rock. The assaulting force brought with it an unheard of number of Jagara to ensure their victory. Raga Dasra sent this mighty host to flank the Gudanna castles […]

Follow Us on @HeraldofEretsu

  With the start of Living World scenarios, we have created the @HeraldofEretsu Twitter account.  This dedicated feed will give real time updates on the progress of battles and events in the world of Eretsu. During the two week window when Living World scenarios are available, @HeraldofEretsu will dispatches from the battlefield and give players […]

The Living World Feature is LIVE!

The Living World Feature of Golem Arcana is now live and we have begun the first Living World Campaign – Shadow of the Khan! The digitally enhanced nature of Golem Arcana allows us to do what no other tabletop game can do – use gameplay results from actual games to inform the story and the […]