Crucible of Conflict Week 1 Standings

Week 1 Event champions: Note: The new Ancient One Award is being finalized, and the below users will see it awarded to their accounts next week. No action is required, and the award will appear automatically. hdobbs cq tyrantt002 thomas-joseph jrbryso emmamae07 cokonutty n33dl3s eliteone mcstabbypants League Standings (total): n33dl3s 80 hutweque 76 spyderbyte 46 mistress […]


Conquest of Eretsu Bonus week and Standings Update

  Bonus Week Event champions: mistress k spyderbyte thomas-joseph goofster cq League Standings (total):   hutweque 70 n33dl3s 63 spyderbyte 41 mistress k 38 typhonous 32 emmamae07 31 cq 30 daskindt 28 458mag 27 harvie 26 kallan 24 eroyse 23 roguei4ihire 23 howlin’ mad murphy 22 jrbryso 21 dtrdwngs 20 scarecrow 20 landlord3417 20 cbrunner 18 […]


Golem Arcana Rebalance Announcement

WARNING: This is a long post!  (Available in German) With Golem Arcana being one year into its existence – and with the addition of 100s of game elements and a ton of new and updated game data, we have decided to take all we have learned and use the remainder of the year to review […]


Conquest of Eretsu Standings -10/29

Week 4 Event champions: roguei4ihire n33dl3s anton12358 jerry jazbec spyderbyte vkdesign cq League Standings (total): n33dl3s 63 hutweque 61 typhonous 32 spyderbyte 31 emmamae07 31 daskindt 28 458mag 27 harvie 26 kallan 24 roguei4ihire 23 cq 23 mistress k 22 eroyse 21 jrbryso 21 scarecrow 20 landlord3417 20 anton12358 18 charmen85 18 valotian 18 hair10 […]