Conquest of Eretsu Standings -10/22 UPDATE-

Hello Knights of Eretsu, Couple of quick updates for the week: 1. League points standings are below. 2. If you were an Event Champion (week 1-3) “The Relentless”, our new titan-focused Ancient One should be appearing in your inventory by this now. Week 3 Event champions: hutweque 458mag landlord3417 harvie hair10 nerdunfiltered sjd229 carolina_siles mardin League […]


Of Ash and Bone: Flames Ascendant

Libir burns, a towering pyre that can be seen a thousand leagues away.  A message from Izvari, the mother wing of the Ascendant Wake, to all of Eretsu. The Cycle continues and the Ascendant Wake is on the march. The battle of Libir began as Izvari lead the Urugal clan Sunu into open rebellion against […]


Realm of Cinders – Chapter 3 Results

Hello Golem Knights! The third chapter of Realm of Cinders finished on July 28th, right before GenCon. Yes, that was about a month ago, but it’s been a whirlwind ever since, and we’re only just now able to catch our collective breaths and get this update written. As you know, all game results are uploaded to our servers, which lets us […]


Realm of Cinders – Chapter 2 Results

Hello Golem Knights! Brian Poel here. Just wanted to open with an apology for such a late update on the results of the Story Scenarios. The second chapter of Realm of Cinders finished on June 30th. Yes, that was LONG ago, but unfortunately between finishing work on Chapter 3, then preparing for and attending GenCon and then […]

Of Ash and Bone: Secrets of Libir

Of Ash and Bone: Secrets of Libir is a story scenario that will run exclusively during GenCon, but be available to all players during that time, (July 30th – August 2nd). Players will choose their faction and declare fealty to one of 6 leaders. This choice will help determine who uncovers ancient secrets locked away […]