App Update and changes to Accounts / Cloud-Saving

Greetings Golem Knights,

The software that we used for Golem Arcana’s account system, “Parse”, has shuttered its doors and their hosted services are about to end.

We’re going to be submitting a new version of the Golem Arcana app to Android and Apple soon that will replace the loss of “Parse”.

The “Parse” services are what allowed for cloud saving your armies and sharing data through a centralized login across multiple devices, as well as certain Wi-Fi enabled features like signing into an opponent’s device to access your army list.

If you launch your app and you’re already logged in, you may not notice anything wrong — but just know that the Cloud Saving features may look like they’re working, but they’re not. If you only ever use the one device, this shouldn’t affect you at all. And while you can’t log into an opponents device, you can use QR transfer to import your army.

If you launch the app, or re-install it before the new version is available, you will be stuck in “demo mode” only — meaning you’ll only be able to play the tutorials and won’t be able to create custom armies.

The new version of the App that we’ve prepared will alleviate most of these missing features — but we won’t know for sure until “Parse” officially goes down. The intent is that these cloud-based account services will all work again once you are able to download the new app.

Another side-effect of the loss of Parse will be these very forums, because they used the same login. While the App will be updated, we are not going to be replacing the Forums. So this is the last post that you’ll see.

Here on the Golem Arcana web site, we will periodically update this post with the latest news.

If you’re only just reading this forum post weeks from now, and after the app has already been updated, just head over to your Apple or Google store and get the new version of the app.

Once we have the new app submitted, we will be handing over the final code base to “Glasswalker” (Paul Mumby) a qualified programmer and long-time member of the Golem Arcana community, who will explore working with the community to maintain and update the app in the future. You may have met Paul and his wife at GenCon, running events at the open gaming tables. And for the true GA trivia buffs, Paul also operated a Golem Arcana forum after the Kickstarter initially funded, before these forums opened, and we’re talking to him about spinning up a new community hub to replace this one.

For those of you still playing Golem Arcana, thank-you for your support over the years. And for those who brand new to the game — welcome! While we may not be manufacturing new Golems anymore, we hope that you’ll enjoy the game for years to come.



Golem Arcana’s final expansion

The release of Durani: Champions of the Western Wind on Jan 27th is the final product in the Golem Arcana line. After 17 retail expansions, 14 web exclusive products, two Living World scenario arcs, numerous short stories, a Lore Book, two League Play seasons, and expanded functionality of the core game — we have no future releases planned.

We here at HBS are devastated that we can’t continue to expand this ground-breaking game. We poured our hearts and souls, as well as millions of our dollars, into a landmark development in tabletop hybrid games. We’re very proud of this game, with glowing reviews by everyone from Penny Arcade to Game Informer, and an Origins Award for Best Miniature Figure Rules. Unfortunately, sales have not recouped our extensive investment in software and manufacturing.

The most recent code-update from the end of 2015 is the final state of the App, representing our best foot forward for supporting as many iOS and Android devices and operating systems as possible at that time. We recognize that there are still many minor bugs and sometimes unexpected behavior, and that future devices or OS updates may create additional bugs.

We appreciate your support of Golem Arcana and trust that you understand the financial reasons why we cannot continue to develop the game. Starting on Jan 27th, we will be running a sale on our web-store until the end of February, while supplies last at our warehouse. We’re also moving up the release date of the newest Durani expansion so it can be included in the sale. Afterwards, we’ll be shutting down the web store.

We’ve enjoyed pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in tabletop gaming, and thank-you again for your support.


Herald of Eretsu: Animosity Unyielding

Not since the Great Khan’s conquest has Eretsu witnessed the mobilization of so many Golems as today march upon its many battlefields. From the frozen northern reaches of the Durani Empire to the sun-baked Urugal deserts, an unprecedented deluge of blood soaks Eretsu’s soil. However, surely this is no news to you knights, who have seen much of this for yourselves. I do carry news from across the continent, but the call is everywhere the same: war.

The Castles of the Line:

The fighting on the Line is without a doubt the most active warzone, as the might of the Empire and Dominion continue crashing upon each other’s legendary fortifications. Almost twice as many battles were fought at the Line than in any other theater. Rudatha has continued to dominate the contest here, claiming the majority of his victories from Dasra. Though Dasra struggled against Rudatha’s troops, she was able to make a devastating impact against the forces of Nandanna. Although the Line remains contested, the tide of battle continued to ebb in favor of the Gudanna. One can imagine the Empire may not be able to hold their lofty fortresses very much longer if the fighting continues as it has in recent months.

The Northern Urugal Uprising:

The Urugal uprising in the north has gained ground, pushing the Empire’s hold back to only the larger settlements on the coastline of the northern Urugal homeland. The combat here has continued to be some of the most ruthless in the world. Izvari’s zealots have taken after her lead, completely razing one Durani colony. The fates of several others are still unknown. One thing is certain: the north is no longer under the Empire’s control.

Tarkara, the Pirate Stronghold:

In an unexpected turn of events, the Gudanna invasion of the island has clawed itself back from seemingly certain defeat. It now looks conquering the island is within reach. While the Untamed continue to hold Tarkara’s capital city, the rest of the island now lies in the hands of either the Empire or Dominion. The Gudanna forces rallied after Nandanna personally lead a daring charge, returning to her officers with the head of a Durani commander. In no uncertain terms, she made her raja-khans know the same end awaited them if they failed to turn the contest in her favor.

The Wildwood:

The Great Weald has brought the majority of the Realm of Cinders and the Wildwood under its control through a series of very effective campaigns in the north. Only a small portion of the Durani invasion force remains, the majority of it withdrawn to be deployed on other fronts. Meanwhile, the Gudanna and Urugal have proven harder to dislodge from the Wildwood. While the Urugal seem content to raid Zikia villages, the Gudanna under Rudatha appear to be more purposeful in their continued incursions, but to what end is unknown.

The March of the Ascendent Wake:

The troops of the Dominion have tightened around the Ascendent Wake, clashing with Izvari’s columns in the Glades of Kaccha. Neither side has yet gained an advantage. Its is possible the Glades have never seen fighting on such a scale, and for good reason. The knights here have to fight the environment as much as each other. Kaccha is now littered with the remains of golems destroyed in the fighting or simply left behind, too mired in the swamp to continue.

Empire infighting:

The Lower Empire’s illegal incursion into the Upper Empire has been brought to halt. After the initial success of the invasion, Dasra rallied her loyalists and put a stop to the advance of the unrest. While she has yet to drive the Lower Empire disorderlies from her lands, she has proven her ability to do so.

Gudanna infighting:

As the question of who will inherit the Saddle Throne grows more pressing, neither Rudatha or Nandanna has gained footing as the clear choice. It appears the siblings are becoming impatient, as more of their banners continue to engage in minor clashes with each other, even as the Dominion commits more and more resources to wars on multiple fronts.

May these reports find you in the protection of the Ancient Ones.

—The Herald of Eretsu.



The Northern Urugal Uprising — total battles: 95

  • Izvari wins against Sudhamra: 22
  • Izvari wins against Dasra: 29
  • Dasra wins against Izvari: 15
  • Sudhamra wins against Izvari: 29

The Wildwood — total battles: 93

  • Vanya wins against Dasra: 24
  • Vanya wins against Rudatha: 14
  • Vanya wins against Izvari: 13
  • Dasra wins against Vanya: 15
  • Rudatha wins against Vanya: 15
  • Izvari wins against Vanya: 12

The Line — total battles: 171

  • Sudhamra wins against Rudatha: 19
  • Dasra wins against Nandanna: 39
  • Dasra wins against Rudatha: 13
  • Rudatha wins against Sudhamra: 16
  • Rudatha wins against Dasra: 41
  • Nandanna wins against Dasra: 43

Tarkara — total battles: 94

  • Sudhamra wins against Nandanna: 26
  • Sudhamra wins against Vanya: 11
  • Vanya wins against Nandanna: 10
  • Vanya wins against Sudhamra: 14
  • Nandanna wins against Sudhamra: 31
  • Nandanna wins against Vanya: 12

The March of the Ascendent Wake — total battles: 84

  • Izvari wins against Nandanna: 32
  • Izvari wins against Rudatha: 13
  • Rudatha wins against Izvari: 27
  • Nadanna wins against Izari: 12

Empire Infighting — total battles: 43

  • Dasra wins against Sudhamra: 22
  • Sudhamra wins against Dasra: 21

Dominion Infighting — total battles 25

  • Nandanna wins against Rudatha: 11
  • Rudatha wins against Nandanna: 14
Durani 3 Website Icon 150x150

Durani: Champions of the Western Wind

The new war in the wake of the Great Khan’s death rages on, shaking the foundations of the Durani Empire. Enemies press the walls of civilization on many fronts, but the Empire’s resources run deep, and the full might of its golem armies has yet to be awakened.

The Champions of the Western Wind are the latest Durani golems to be called from reserve, and their specialized tactics are sure to shake up the battle plans of the Empire’s foes. Look for them on our web store on Wednesday, January 27th.


Mountain Howler 300pxMountain Howler

Those who battle the Western Wind learn to dread the piercing cry that gives the Mountain Howler its name. Its Vortex attack displaces its target up to two regions, but the Howler is truly feared not only for displacing enemies, but for assisting allies advance with unexpected swiftness. If used on an allied golem, the Vortex has boosted accuracy and deals no damage, allowing the Howler to aid its allies’ rapid advance.

Strategy: Use the Mountain Howler’s Vortex to displace your slower golems to extend their effective move range, enable easier hit-and-run tactics, or save them from unfavorable encounters.






Stormshot 300px


Battlefield legends tell of whole formations of golems struck down before the Durani they were attacking even came into sight. The Stormshot is the source of such tales. Striking from extreme range, the Stormshot’s attacks can pierce clean through enemy armor or deal extra damage to targets arrogant or thoughtless enough to leave cover. However, with low dodge, more costly movement, and no melee attacks, the Stormshot needs frontline support to perform effectively.

Strategy: Position the Stormshot with extra care. If it reaches a hill, it can strike farther than most other golems, and other hills won’t block its line of sight. However, it may become vulnerable to enemy ranged attacks if your opponent’s golems take positions on hills of their own.





Siege Mammoth 300pxSiege Mammoth

Refined through centuries of breaking enemy fortifications, the Siege Mammoth is the Empire’s master of area-of-effect attacks at long, medium, and short ranges. It excels at disrupting any enemy strategy that involves close grouping or attempting to hunker down in one place. It can lace enemy territory with cruel mines which inflict damage over time while also increasing the cost to leave the region, or it can punish opponents for stopping to call on the Ancient Ones’ aid with a mortar attack that deals extra damage in blessed or cursed regions. It can even adapt its shortest-range attack to bombard golems in its own region if the enemy tries to engage the Mammoth in melee. On top of these varied capabilities, all the Mammoth’s attacks ignore intervening cover, so its fearsome volleys spare no targets, no matter the terrain.

Strategy: The Siege Mammoth is very strong and offers a variety of powerful attacks, but it’s AP-intensive to use and has limited mobility. Make the most of its area-of-effect attacks when you can target multiple enemy golems, and take care not to raise the Mammoth’s cooldowns too high by using the same attack more than once. It may be best to refrain from letting the Mammoth loose an all-out attack until you’re sure it’ll finish off the enemy.



Fire of AmuktaFire of Amukta

The sanguine sparkle of this precious gem promises a surge of vigor — for a price. Activating the Fire of Amukta costs health, but grants a significant boost to movement range that decreases gradually.

Strategy: Use the Fire of Amukta to enable your Siege Mammoth to make an unexpectedly rapid charge, or give it to your Stormshot in case it needs to make a quick escape or relocate to a different sniping point.






Armor of Dana-ArgaArmor of Dana-Arga

This mystical armor protects more than just its wearer. The Armor of Dana-Arga temporarily provides additional protection against ranged attacks to allied golems grouped with the golem using it, and boosts that golem’s armor even more depending on the number of allies in the region.

Strategy: Give the Armor of Dana-Arga to your Stormshot so it can fend off a ranged counterattack, or equip it to the lead golem in an advancing swarm to defend against suppressing fire.





Zargins FavorZargin’s Favor

The legendary arrow of Zargin-Azva, The Marksman, is said to sail through the ages till it strikes the world in the distant future. This sigil grants its bearer a shadow of that unerring aim, bestowing increased accuracy as long as the user avoids taking damage.

Strategy: Equip Zargin’s Favor to a golem you know can strike from beyond your opponent’s range, like the Stormshot or Fire Ram. Alternatively, give it to a golem you want to use for a critical attack with boosted accuracy.





Vajras RetributionVajra’s Retribution

The descendants of Vajra Durani-Akra, The Architect, ensconced themselves in an impenetrable fortress. This scepter of theirs summons Vajra’s Towers, a construct that returns the damage of ranged attacks back upon attacking enemy golems.

Strategy: Your Siege Mammoth can carry Vajra’s Retribution and deploy it in an advantageous location. From there, it can launch an assault supported by the countermeasure against your opponent’s ranged attacks. Smaller golems can also move into the protection of Vajra’s Towers to make your opponent think twice about trying to pick them off.


Golem Arcana at Orca Con and G.A.M.E. this weekend

Get your tournament on at ORCACon, (Fri, Sat, and Sun) and G.A.M.E. (Sat) This weekend!

The free city of Apanika is the home to the League of the 100 Skulls. While open war has returned to Eretsu in the wake of the Khan’s death, the League still calls to some of the greatest Golem Knights and Commanders across Eretsu to test the skills in organized combat. The Trials of Apanika are an annual event to celebrate the wintertide in the port city. During the temporary lull in the Conquest of Eretsu, the League of the 100 Skulls seeks to find Golem Commanders that can win glory and honor in the great Trials of Apanika.

Trials of Apanika

Trials of Apanika are a set of League-style Tournament scenarios. The Trials will be featured at OrcaCon and GAME (Golem Arcana Midwest Event), but are also available to anyone with access to the Golem Arcana app. Emissaries are encouraged to set up their own Trials of Apanika events, for use as ad-hoc tournaments or other specialty events at Emissary discretion.

The Trials are designed like a regular League Play event: players battle each other with a single army across three scenarios using the same map, but with various victory conditions and deployment zones. Some events will conduct the Trials as a complete Block of three scenarios, while other tournaments will use the various scenarios in different rounds of an elimination style tournament, or a mix of both. While most of the battles will take place with 500 APV armies, a number of Golem Commanders will undertake a version of the Trials leading 1000 APV armies.


Players are scored in the Trials in a very similar manner to regular League Play events: you earn more League Points toward victory if you win each scenario by the established Victory Conditions. In the case of a tie, League Points earned are the first tiebreaker, while the Victory Points earned within each scenario serve as a tiebreaker when League Points are tied.

As you battle across these scenarios, the outcome of each match will earn you League Points as follows:

Absolute Victory: 4 League Points Secure a win via the primary victory condition.

Victory: 3 League Points Win via secondary condition, or destroy your opponent’s army.

Tie: 2 League Points each If a game ends with players having equal Victory Points.

Defeat: 1 League Point If your opponent achieves an Absolute Victory or Victory, the defeated player is awarded 1 League Point.

Concession: 0 League Points If a player concedes the match.

Trials of Apanika

Players will face off across a wide plain bordered by mighty pits on either side of a great temple constructed at the edge of steep and densely clustered hills. The clearest path will take your army across the plain in front of the temple, but a sacred river cuts a narrow course through the hills and offers a second, if more perilous, path across the battlefield. Here’s a look at the different scenarios you’ll be playing.

Scenario A

The first of the Trials of Apanika will pit armies in battle against each other fighting to control three key Regions. Armies will earn Victory Points both for controlling the objectives and for destroying enemy Golems. Will you attempt to outmaneuver your enemies or simply destroy them? a

Scenario B

The second of the Trials is straightforward: destroy the enemy army. Armies will earn Victory Points for each enemy Golem they destroy and the army with the Last Golem Standing will earn a 5 VP bonus and claim the Absolute Victory. Some armies will rush forward and clash directly before the great temple, while others will seek out the rich Mana Wells in the hills, or take to the high ground. Which will you choose? b

Scenario C

The third and final Trial requires your army to control the field of battle and capture critical Regions rather than destroy all your enemies. While you can win by eliminating the last of your opponent’s Golems, you’ll need to capture Victory Points via the control zones to secure an Absolute Victory. The most valuable control zone is directly in front of the great temple and can be captured by both armies. Each army also has two Regions that only they can capture. These control zones are worth fewer Victory Points, but may be vital to securing victory. c

A Failure of Diplomacy Icon

Conquest of Eretsu Block 3: Tides of Conquest Live!


The League of the Hundred Skulls continues with Block 3 in the “Conquest of Eretsu” series!

Block 3: “Tides of Conquest” will run from December 9th through January 6th.

During a League Play event, players battle each other with a single 500-point army across three scenarios using the same map, but with various victory conditions and deployment zones.

Scenarios will vary over the course of events, as well as during each of the blocks throughout the League season.

League Points

Players earn League Points for playing and winning League battles within an event. After all players at the event have played all three scenarios, the player with the most League Points is the winner of the event.

Earn League Points during the season for invitations to League of the Hundred Skulls Regional Tournaments and other events to be announced early 2016.

As you battle across these scenarios, the outcome of each match will earn you League Points as follows:

Absolute Victory: 4 League Points

Secure a win via the primary victory condition.

Victory: 3 League Points

Win via secondary condition, or destroy your opponent’s army.

Tie: 2 League Points each

If a game ends with players having equal Victory Points.

Defeat: 1 League Point

If your opponent achieves an Absolute Victory or Victory, the defeated player is awarded 1 League Point.

Concession: 0 League Points

If a player concedes the match.

Tides of Conquest

Tides of Conquest is the third block of the series, and runs December 9th through January 6th. Here’s a look at the different scenarios you’ll be playing.

Scenario A

Clash with your opponent to take strategic ground and ensure yours is the last golem standing! Hills staggered throughout the region allow for interesting combinations of either cat and mouse tactics, or early emplacement for bombarding enemies from afar. Which will you choose, and can you secure victory for your faction?


Scenario B

Two areas contestable by either army, multiple avenues to charge ahead or stand and defend to gain the upper hand. 2 of the mana wells do *not* deplete, deepening their strategic value. Control one, (or both) areas for 1 Victory Point each turn. Earning 3 VP will secure you glory and honor, (and the win)!


Scenario C

Navigate the terrain, and take your faction’s objective to secure your dominion in the final scenario of the block. The sparse mana wells on this map do not deplete, so holding onto the areas they’re in can boost your favor with the Ancient Ones considerably. Securing your team’s victory location will net you 2 VP per turn. 6 Victory Points will ensure you emerge triumphant!


Each Block contains a unique set of three scenarios with different victory conditions (for example; Last Golem Standing, King of the Hill, and Control). At each League event you use the same 500 point army for all three scenarios. Players earn League Points for playing and winning League battles within an event. After all players at the event have played all three scenarios the player with the most League Points is the winner of the event.

You can participate in as many League Events as you wish, even if you won a previous one.

You can find League of the Hundred Skulls events in your area on the event calendar [here], or how to become an emissary and host your own events [here].

Go forth, to victory and great honor!


A Failure of Diplomacy Icon

League Play, APV, and App Update

Knights of Eretsu,

We have a few brief but important updates for you:

League Play Block 3 begins the 9th
You heard right, the 3rd Block of Conquest of Eretsu begins on December 9th, and will run until January 6th. Block 2 maps will be turned off at that time, so make sure you get in any last-minute games!

APV Update December 16th
The next round of APV changes will be coming on the 16th, with more details to come on the forums. We’re hoping this date gives you time to explore and adjust to the new changes, so you’re ready for any events or anticipated quality game time during that sweet, sweet holiday vacation.

App Update Coming Soon!
You’ve heard the rumors, but here’s the official announcement: A new app update is on its way! We’re finalizing the build and preparing to submit to the various app stores on Wednesday. At that point it’s down to when the submission is approved for release on all platforms. Current wait times are estimated at 7 days, which puts a release date at the 16th.

So what’s in it? Lots of tasty fixes, including a patch for the Samsung/Lollipop Stylus pairing issue, OT damage not awarding victory points correctly, and many others. We’ll have a full patch list at release, if not sooner.

Questions? Comments? Join the discussion on our forums!


Herald of Eretsu: Tides of Conquest

Over the course of the last few months, reports from our agents across Eretsu have flooded in, tracking the constantly changing battlelines across the continent. It was with great difficulty that I assembled accurate information as the flames of war spread far and wide. Currently, major battles flare from the Northern Urugal lands to the Glades of Kaccha. Fear not; the Herald of Eretsu has the latest news from each front.

The Northern Urugal Clan Lands:

Inspired by the Ascendant Wake and the meteoric rise of Izvari the Mother Wing, clans long thought to have lost their will to fight have risen up against the Durani Empire, which has long extended its influence into the northern clans’ dealings.

During the past two months, the northern Urugal have seen some of the most fierce fighting in Eretsu. The only contest on par with the bloodshed that has stained the mountain snow is the struggle taking place at the castles of the Line. Despite the massive fighting in the north, neither side has been able to gain a distinct advantage.

The stalemate can be attributed to the overwhelming success of Imperial troops loyal to Sudhamra, which have won more than three quarters of the Empire’s victories in the region.

The forces following the Ascendant Wake have built a foreboding monument to those they have slain in combat, which now stands on the peak of Mount Rista, overlooking the Empire’s staging area. The monument proudly displays the corpses of Imperial commanders hanging from their own banners. Currently 13 bannermen of Sudhamra’s and 10 of Dasra’s cast their frozen gazes down from the peak.

The Castles of the Line:

Rudatha has once again proven the extent and influence of his network of operatives, staging a series of relentless raids along the Line. The fighting there, as most would expect, saw the greatest total number of battles.

Despite his engagement on several other fronts, the Spider Pince was by far the most effective on the Line. Not only has he secured the northern border of the Dominion, but many of the Empire’s castles have been cut off from resupply. It would appear it was only a matter of time before the Gudanna once again lay siege to the Empire’s weakened fortifications.

Here too Sudhamra’s forces have shown their martial prowess against the Dominion. Were it not for their efforts, Rudatha’s forces would have undoubtedly overrun the Upper Empire’s presence on the line. In what seems a recurring theme of the latest fighting, Dasra appears unable to effectively organize her military as enemies close in on her from all sides.

Tarkara, the Pirate Stronghold:

The Gudanna assault on the the pirate stronghold of Tarkara has all but been defeated. While Nandanna maintains her beachhead on the rocky island, her army has been turned back by a battalion under the command of Sudhamra himself.

Sudhamra launched his own assault on Tarkara after the pirate king Tapya refused his offer of aid, instead relying the strength of the Untamed to maintain the island’s independence. The Untamed have succeeded in keeping both the Empire and Dominion from claiming the main port, holding the advance of both factions at bay. However, the overall shapeof this front has largely been shaped by the devastating victories Sudhamra has won at Nandanna’s expense.

The Glades of Kaccha:

Izvari’s Ascendant Wake continues to crush all opposition to her crusade. While her progress has slowed as her armies wade through the Glades of Kaccha, their advance toward Rudatha’s seat of power in Prishta has remained constant.

The ongoing success of the Ascendant Wake and the Urugal uprising in the north have inspired Urugal in the Dominion and Empire alike to abandon their lives as subjects, instead heeding the Mother Wing’s call. However, many established Urugal leaders denounce Izvari as a false prophet, one who will lead not only all Urugal, but all Eretsu to ruin.

The Wildwood:

As the Realm of Cinders smolders after the devastating Durani invasion, fighting in the Wildwood rages on as the newly formed Great Weald strives to secure its homeland. Under the leadership of Vanya and the Circle, the Great Weald has succeeded in pushing back both the Imperial and Dominion forces. However, the Great Weald now faces another threat on its southern border:

as it makes its way north, the Ascendent Wake has begun to make incursions into the Wildwood. While the fighting between the Wake and the Weald has not escalated to the scale of the battles on other fronts, the hatred between the tribes and clans shows in the ferocity of the confrontations that have erupted. Along the southern border of the Wildwood, an increasingly long wall of Urugal golems, impaled and grown over with vines, stands as warning to any clanspeople who may attempt to test the resolve of the Zikia.

Invasion of the Upper Empire:

Sudhamra’s victories abroad and the increasing distrust of the Empire’s royal families in both the capital and the Lower Empire have led to an invasion of the Upper Empire by several houses. While many of these fly the banner of the Lower Empire’s raja, Sudhamra has denounced the disorder as a distraction from the the threats from outside the Empire’s borders.

Despite the unrest, and her armies’ poor performance in recent months, Dasra remains steadfast as ever. She has yet to take any major military action against the incursions into the Upper Empire, raising questions among her supporters and enemies alike.

As the Empire shakes in the face of destruction from conflicts without and within, many call to the Immortal Emperor for protection; yet no response from the Emperor has issued from on high.

The Battle for the Saddle Throne:

With Izvari’s Ascendent Wake challenging the Dominion in the south and the Gudanna’s halted advances on other fronts, infighting between those who would claim the Saddle Throne has been limited.

Recent months have witnessed several clashes between groups loyal to Rudatha and Nandanna, but these conflicts have been fueled by personal rivalry among the soldiers’ commanders, rather than that of the royal siblings. To this observer it appears these sparks of conflict will only grow, and when they do, these early battles may foreshadow how any future struggle may play out. Currently it appears Rudatha holds a slight advantage over his sister.

Even as I write this report, the lines of battle across Eretsu are in flux. The only thing that seems certain is the tide of battle will only continue to rise, and with it the fate of all Eretsu.

May the Ancient Ones protect you in this crucible of conflict,

-The Herald of Eretsu



The Northern Urugal Uprising:  Total battles 46

  • Izvari wins against Sudhamra: 13
  • Izvari wins against Dasra: 10
  • Dasra wins against Izvari: 4
  • Sudahamra wins against Izvari: 19

The Wildwood: Total battles 29

  • Vanya wins against Dasra: 9
  • Vanya wins against Rudatha: 6
  • Vanya wins against Izvari: 4
  • Dasra wins against vanya: 1
  • Rudatha wins against Vanya: 5
  • Izvari wins against Vanya: 9

The Wall: Total battles 46

  • Sudhamra wins against Rudatha: 11
  • Dasra wins against Nandanna: 2
  • Dasra wins against Rudatha: 3
  • Rudatha wins against Sudhamra: 8
  • Rudatha wins against Dasra: 18
  • Nandanna wins against Dasra: 4

Tarkara: Total battles 44

  • Sudhamra wins against Nandanna: 14
  • Sudhamra wins against Vanya: 8
  • Vanya wins against Nandanna: 8
  • Vanya wins against Sudhamra: 7
  • Nandanna wins against Sudhamra: 5
  • Nandanna wins against Vanya: 2

The March of the Great Wake:  Total battles: 36

  • Izvari wins against Nandanna: 12
  • Izvari wins against Rudatha: 15
  • Rudatha wins against Izvari: 8
  • Nadanna wins against Izari: 1

Empire Infighting:  Total battles 27

  • Dasra wins against Sudhamra: 4
  • Sudhamra wins against Dasra: 23

Dominion Infighting: Total battles 8

  • Nandanna wins against Rudatha: 3
  • Rudatha wins against Nandanna: 5

Discuss this post over on the forums here: https://golemarcana.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1669

Guddana banner 180X180

Gudanna: Raiders of the Blasted Land — Now Available!

As Eretsu continues to descend into chaos now more than a year after the Great Khan’s death, the khans of the Dominion have new weapons to call into battle against those that would attempt to steal what the Great Khan’s Dominion took through strength and force of will. The Raiders of the Blasted Land are the latest Gudanna Golems to bolster your Dominion army. The Raiders excel at hit-and-run tactics, surprising their foes with sudden speed and relocation.

As of Wednesday, November 18th, The Raiders of the Blasted Land are officially available on retail shelves at your FLGS. If your store doesn’t have the Raiders yet, let them know you’d like a copy and they can order one for you!



The Burrow Claw


Burrow Claw:

The Burrow Claw is a dangerous Warsprite with a nasty surprise for its enemies. It scuttles into melee with foes and strikes by clamping down with its pincers. It doesn’t stay still for long though. The Burrow Claw can unleash a Tunneling Blast in melee, driving itself beneath the sands of the wastes, and slip away from its opponent, ending up in any Region with No Cover that it chooses.






The Terra NagaTerra Naga:

The Terra Naga is a rarity amongst the Gudanna Golems: An Ogre flier that depends solely upon ranged attacks. While the Naga fights from range, it still has to stay close to its targets, and as such it’s not as vulnerable as some ranged Golems when facing a melee assault. If an enemy closes into melee with the Naga, its Winged Withdrawal reduces the cost of Fly by 1 AP, often granting the Naga a free movement to escape. The Terra Naga can summon forth a Scattering Sirocco and harness the whirlwind to scatter all the Golems within a Region. As its targets scatter upon the winds, the Naga bursts into motion, disappearing and reappearing a short distance away, as it may move one Region for each target swept up in the Sirocco. The Naga can also lash out with a Sting from its tail, unleashing arcs of blistering magic that inflict terrible damage on enemy Golems.





The Ravager is a Titan for the most bloodthirsty and fanatical Gudanna Golem Knights. The Ravager thrives on being in the heart of every conflict. It has the lightest armor and lowest health of the Gudanna Titans, but it is deadly as long as it can keep moving. As the Ravager closes on an enemy force, its Culling Mark allows it to pick its targets from a distance and increase the damage they take when hit with Melee attacks for 2 Rounds. Once a target is marked, the Ravager throws itself at the enemy with great Momentum. When entering an enemy’s Region, the Ravager gets -1 from all its Cooldowns and ignores Breakaway for 1 Turn. This enables the Ravager to spring from enemy to enemy with surprising speed, closing, striking, and then withdrawing leaving destruction in its wake. With Duststorm Blade, the Ravager unleashes a flurry of attacks against a foe and then for 2 Rounds, each time the Ravager leaves a Region with an enemy, the enemy suffers an additional 10 Damage and suffers -10 Accuracy for 1 Round. Finally, the Ravager’s Slice attack is highly accurate and a solid hit that recovers from Cooldown quickly if the Ravager keeps moving from enemy to enemy.




Zyama's Anointing

Zyama’s Anointing

Zyama’s Anointing allows a Golem to sacrifice some of its own Health in exchange for more Damage on its next attack. It costs the activating Golem 20 HP and adds 10 Damage to its next attack. If the attack succeeds, the attacking Golem gains 15 HP.








G4_app_DavatisSacrificeDavati’s Sacrifice

Davati’s Sacrifice offers a temporary gift of power in direct proportion to the sacrifice made to Davati. The activating Golem’s Base Armor is added as a Damage bonus to all attacks for 2 Rounds, but the activating Golem’s Base Armor is reduced to 0 for the rest of the battle.








Lantern of Vali

Lantern of Valli

The Lantern of Valli summons forth the Arena of Valli, a Relic Construct dedicated to bloodsport. While within the Arena of Valli’s Region, all Golems, ally and enemy, gain 10 Accuracy and 5 Damage to Melee attacks.









Metr's Blood Well

Metr’s Blood Well

Metr’s Blood Well calls upon the connection between blood and earth to summon Mana from even the most desolate Regions. The Metr’s Blood Well Construct will allow the deploying army to summon forth 6 Mana for every Turn they control the Blood Well uncontested.



Golem Arcana Rebalance Announcement

WARNING: This is a long post! 

(Available in German)

With Golem Arcana being one year into its existence – and with the addition of 100s of game elements and a ton of new and updated game data, we have decided to take all we have learned and use the remainder of the year to review it all in order to create a tighter, more fun, more competitive, and better balanced game.

We are calling it the Golem Arcana Rebalance and I want to let you in on what we are planning, what the goals are and what your role in the process will be.

Starting this week-end and going through Block 2 of the Conquest of Eretsu League Play event you will see that all the Army Point Value (APV) of the Golems have been adjusted (and some Relics, see below)

So what have we been up to?

As you may have noticed, while you have been playing Block 1, we have been compiling a master list of Known Issues, updating and completing an on-line rulebook and fixing a series of bugs in the game.

But mainly we have been working on the game balance by examining the underlying mathematics that define a Golem and its abilities and its powers. A complete review and adjustment of the global mathematics – we consider these formulas our Constants. These Constants apply across all golems equally. We have adjusted these based on 1000s of game play data and with an eye towards long term balance not just Golem vs Golem but also Arcana vs Arcana and Army vs Army.

This week-end and through Block 2 you will see the first set of revised data for Golems.

We have been testing these changes over a month now and we feel and feel this first batch of testing is ready for you to play with them in a League setting. So starting this week-end and playable in Block 2 you will create and build armies using this first set of revised data for Golems.

We really need you to kick the tires on them during league play AND just as importantly in social friendly home games.

Of course you are encourage to provide feedback in the forums or just ask questions about why and how something has changed.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: These values are not final values – your feedback (and the data from your gameplay) will help determine whether or not we need to go back and revisit the Constants we manipulated.

So, while you are playing and we are learning about those values we internally will move on to our next steps:


Step 2: More Golem Adjustments

This is a review of the mathematics that determine a specific Golem’s APV and powers. This is tricky because it includes both the cost of using a power (AP) and the cost of the power (as applied to the APV). This is a line-by-line review of each Golem separately (so basically we reapply Constant formula broken down per power, if you will)


Step 3: Digital Objects Review

Using many of the steps outlined for Golems we will be following the same path on Digital Objects. The cool thing here is that outside of Relics we don’t have to worry about errata or costs being reflected on printed material. This process will most likely focus on AP/Mana/HP costs and APV. Also during this time we will be doing a Knight/Golem review. In some cases it will influence how we address the Digital Object review, and also help us see what weaknesses Golems may have.


Our goal is to have much of this ready for Block 3 of the League play – with of course any adjustments we need to make from your games.


Finally,  you will find a handful of Relics have also had their APV adjusted. This was determined in order to have more balanced games. Those values were tested but are not final.


We will keep you updated with new information and new postings and the process continues. Check the SUPPORT page weekly (always updated by Thursday morning) or the forums where you can post any questions to us there.

Thanks for your time and welcome to the Golem Arcana Rebalance! We’re hyped and I hope you are too!


Mike Mulvihill

Golem Arcana Lead Designer