This policy applies to Golem Arcana organized play events designated high-level by HBS, such as regional and national championship tournaments.


Players are expected to be polite and courteous. Offensive language and other disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Failure to conduct oneself accordingly may result in disqualification, at event organizers’ discretion.


Although some game materials and equipment may be provided by event organizers, players must bring everything they need to participate in their events. This includes golem figures, map tiles, styluses, app-capable devices, any control cards needed for their armies, and marker tokens they may wish to use.

Proxies for golem figures a player doesn’t have on hand are not permitted.


New game content (both golem figures and digital assets) is only permitted for use in an event if that content was publicly released at least two weeks before the date of the event. If a longer restriction period applies to a particular event, it will be announced in advance. Players are responsible for confirming whether restrictions apply to their events.


The Golem Arcana app adjudicates the rules of the game.

An updated list of known issues is maintained at If a known issue affects the behavior of game content, the behavior of that content in the current version of the app on the date of the event will be considered legal. If a known issue necessitates the restriction of game content for an event, that restriction will be announced at least two weeks in advance.

During an event, if a technical issue arises that alters, interrupts, or interferes with normal gameplay, the players involved should immediately inform the event organizers. Event organizers will adjudicate situations affected by technical issues at their discretion. When possible, event organizers will try to enable affected games to continue, but when a game is too compromised to do so, they may declare a tie or call for a rematch.


Players are permitted to roll dice and use the control card to input results.

Players may use any two ten-sided dice that clearly indicate which die represents the tens place and the ones place, respectively. Any dice used must be made available to all players in a match.

All players must agree upon any dice used in a match. If players cannot agree upon a pair of dice, the event organizers may supply dice for both players to use.

Dice must be rolled simultaneously on a flat surface. If either or both dice land on uneven surfaces or fall off the table or play area, both dice must be rerolled.

Any incorrect entry of a dice roll will result in mandatory forfeiture (via the in-app concede option) on the part of the player who entered the incorrect number.


Tournament formats, including pairing arrangements and handling of bye rounds, are at the discretion of the event organizers.


A player who concedes a match is not dropped from a tournament unless he or she requests to withdraw from the remainder thereof. To concede mid-game, players must use the in-app option found in the side menu.


Whether they are HBS staff or designated Emissaries, event organizers have the final word in resolving issues at their events. Players should bring any problems during their events to the attention of the event organizers. In adjudicating issues, event organizers will always strive to be fair and impartial. If an issue arises with the event organizers themselves, players should contact HBS after the fact, so the complaint can be investigated appropriately.

If serving as event organizer at an event at the regional level or higher, an Emissary is permitted to play in the event so long as he or she is not the sole event organizer present.