Without a Golem Knight to master it, a Golem is nothing but a lifeless collection of stones, bones, or branches, woven together by spells. Powerful sorcerers in their own right, each Golem Knight has a magical ability which he or she can combine with the arcane abilities of the Golem they ride to become the deadliest force known to Eretsu. Depending on their unique abilities, each Knight will extract very different performances even from the same Golems.

Golem Knights, with their single power, are rare on the battlefield, and they have access to a small fraction of the power of the Ancient Ones. Rarer still are the Blood Knights whose bloodline connection to an Ancient Ones are closer, or some say purer. Blood Knights may wield more than one arcane ability, making them even more potent in the ways that they can augment the Golems they master.

Ancient Ones are powerful gods who have chosen to intervene on behalf of an army, seeking the Mana that their descendants harvest from the very earth of Eretsu. Ancient Ones have one or more supernatural powers that can be accessed once its army has harvested enough Mana. Like Knights, Ancient Ones aren’t represented by in-game pieces on the battlefield, but can be accessed through the App.