January, 2015

Durani – Scions of Honor Expansion Set


Vigilant Sentinel, Growling Phalanx, and Blazing Dervish 

Includes 4 Relic Cards

January 21, 2015     MSRP $34.99

February, 2015

Jade Guardians Elite Set

Image Coming Soon

Jade Harpy, Jade Thornbeast, Jade Dervish, and Jade Phalanx

Includes an exclusive Knight with each figure.

February 4, 2015     MSRP $59.99

Zikia – Spirits of the Wildwood Expansion Set


Creeper, Fen Lord, and Thornbeast

Includes 4 Relic Cards

February 11, 2015     MSRP $34.99