Urugal Corpse Collector

Dodge: 12

Armor: 10

Hit Points: 70

Movement Abilities:

  • Fly (1AP): 3 mp, nimble

Attack Abilities:

  • Swooping Strike (2 AP): 85 acc, 20 dmg, melee. The Collector swoops in for the kill. After a hit, this Golem flies 1 Region and pulls the Target Golem along with it. This Doen’t work against the Colossi.
  • Tear (1 AP): 75 acc, 25 dmg, melee . The Corpse Collector rips at its opponent with tooth and claw.

Passive Abilities:

  • View from the Top: The Collector uses great heights to fly farther.This Golem gets 2 to Fly Movement if it moves from an elevated Region.

Urugal: Reapers of the Sands