Durani Gilded Ram

Dodge: 4

Armor: 14

Hit Points: 75

Movement Abilities:

  • Walk (2AP): 3 mp,

Attack Abilities:

  • Concussion Blast (3AP): 85 acc, 16 dmg, 3 rng. The Ram fires a bolt of energy that pushes the Target Golem 2 Regions and reducing all Movement by 2 (From all its movement abilities) for 1 Round.
  • Blast Furnace (2AP): 75 acc, 31 dmg, melee. The Ram overheats its head cannon and discharges a short range burst of fiery energy.

Passive Abilities:

  • Any roll of  “doubles” against a member of the Gilded Band in Open Terrain automatically misses.

Found in Durani Empire: Gilded Band