Durani Jagara Colossus

Dodge: 4

Armor: 18

Hit Points: 250

Movement Abilities:

  • Walk (2AP): 1 mp
  • Walk (5AP): 3 mp

Attack Abilities:

  • Apocalyptic Blast (3AP): 75 acc, 20 dmg, 3 rng. Apocalyptic Blast is one of the most unholy attacks to rock Eretsu. All Golems in the Target Region are pushed out 2 Regions in a random direction.
  • Throw (2AP): 65 acc, 30 dmg, 1 rng. The Jagara throws the Target Golem 2 Regions. Further, the Target’s Movement (all movement abilities) is reduced by 2 for 1 Round.
  • Eye of Durani (2AP): 85 acc, 40 dmg, 4 rng.
  • Heel Crush (2AP): 75 acc, 31 dmg, melee

Passive Abilities:

  • Stomp: When the Jagara ends its turn in a Region with Medium Cover or Obstructions, it destroys that Cover and leaves only Ground Cover in its wake.

Durani Jagara Colossus available here!