Durani Winged Vanguard

Dodge: 10

Armor: 14

Hit Points: 110

Movement Abilities:

  • Walk (1 AP): 2 mp, nimble
  • Fly (2 AP) 2mp

Attack Abilities:

  • Lighting Blast (2 AP): 75 acc, 28 dmg, 2 rng. A blast of lightning strikes its Target and explodes, causing an additional 10 Damage to all other Golems in the Region.
  • Immobilizing Stab (2AP): 75 acc, 30 dmg, melee. The Vanguard delivers a fearsome blow, pinning its foe to the ground.For 2 Rounds, the Target’s Movement (all movement abilities) is reduced to 0.
  • Cleave (2AP): 75 acc, 35 dmg, melee The Vanguard slashes its foe with its fearsome scythe.

Passive Abilities:

  • Storing up momentum from its short flight, the Vanguard boosts its Damage by 10 for the rest of the Round.

Found in Durani Elite: Winged Vanguard