Gudanna Charred Channeler

Dodge: 12

Armor: 10

Hit Points: 110

Movement Abilities:

  • Walk (2AP): 2 mp

Attack Abilities:

  • Searing Beam (2 AP): 70 acc, 30 dmg, 2 rng. The Channeler shoots a fiery beam through its mask. This attack also does 10 Damage to all Golems in the Target’s Region.
  • Baleful Glare (1 AP): 75 acc, 25 dmg, Melee. With a burning flash of its eyes, the Channeler sears its enemy in catatonia. If this attack hits, the Target Golem’s Dodge is set to 0 for 2 Rounds.
  • Cinderstrike (1 AP): 65 acc, 35 dmg, Melee.  The Charred Channeler slashes with its burning swords, cauterizing the wounds it makes.

Passive Abilities:

  • The Charred Reavers are highly mobile, running and striking quickly. If this Golem used Movement this turn, it gains 20 Accuracy on all of its abilities.

Found in Gudanna Dominion: Charred Reavers