Gudanna Charred Raptor

Dodge: 14

Armor: 8

Hit Points: 90

Movement Abilities:

  • Walk (2AP): 3 mp, nimble

Attack Abilities:

  • Quick Burn (2 AP): 75 acc, 10 dmg, 4 rng. A cascade of dark energy cracles around the enemies of the Raptor. For each enemy this attack hits, this Golem gains 1 movement, and the enemy loses 1.
  • Fortitude Drain (1 AP): 70 acc, 30 dmg, Melee. The Raptor draws from the strength of its foes. This attack heals this Golem an amount equal to the Target’s Armor.
  • Drill (2 AP): 70 acc, 32 dmg, melee. The Charred Raptor stabs deep into its enemy burning a hole with its drill.

Passive Abilities:

  • The Charred Reavers are highly mobile, running and striking quickly. If this Golem used Movement this turn, it gains 20 Accuracy on all of its abilities.

Found in the Gudanna Dominion: Charred Reavers