Zikia Sworn Woodguard

Dodge: 10

Armor: 10

Hit Points: 70

Movement Abilities:

  • Walk (1AP): 3 Movement, orthogonal

Attack Abilities:

  • Protecting Pummel (2AP): 85 acc, 20 dmg, melee. The Sworn Woodguard slams its shield arm into its enemies to protect its comrades. All allies in this Region gain 5 Armor lasting 2 Rounds.
  • Bash (1AP): 85 acc, 31 dmg, melee. The Sworn Woodguard smashes at its enemy with its arm stone.

Passive Abilities:

  • Relic AuraThe Rangers of the Oath draw great power from the Relics they find. When this Golem uses a Relic, it gains 40 Health.

Mercenary Kings: The Rangers of the Oath Expansion