Urugal Relentless Brute

Dodge: 6

Armor: 12

Hit Points: 100

Movement Abilities:

  • Walk (2AP): 2 mp, nimble

Attack Abilities:

  • Hail of Blows (2 AP): 80 acc, 25 dmg, melee: The enemies of the Relentless Brute crack under the frenzy of striking fists. All enemy Golems hit by this attack take 5 extra Damage from Melee attacks for 2 Rounds.
  • Dead Arms  (2AP): 70 acc, 22 dmg, melee: The Brute strikes out with all four arms at once, stunning its foes. All enemy Golems hit by this attack do 10 less Damage with their Melle attacks for 1 Round.
  • Jab (1AP): 90 acc, 20 dmg, melee: The Brute punches swiftly with each arm, catching its opponent off guard.

Passive Abilities:

  • The Brute’s strikes land in an ever quicker fury. When this Golem lands a hit, all of its Attack Cooldowns are always reduced by 1.

Found in Urugal: Cabal of the Onyx Cliffs