Zikia Iron Earthfall

Dodge: 6

Armor: 12

Hit Points: 140

Movement Abilities:

  • Walk (2AP): 2 mp, nimble

Attack Abilities:

  • Rock Crush (2AP): 85 acc, 0 dmg,  Melee. Using its boulder-fists, the Earthfall smashes through its foes. This attack ignores all Targets’ Armor and deals Damage twice that number.
  • Boulder Swing (1AP): 75 acc, 30 dmg, Melee. The Earthfall punishes large and slow moving foes. For every 20 the roll beats the target number this attack does an additional 10 extra Damage, up to 40 extra.
  • Bombardment (3AP): 75 acc, 30 dmg, 3 rng. The Earthfall hurls its boulders at enemies, lightening its weight. This atack causes this Golem to do 5 less Damage for 2 Rounds, but it gains 1 Movement.

Found in Zikia Elite: Iron Earthfall