Zikia Thornbeast

Dodge: 8

Armor: 8

Hit Points: 85

Movement Abilities:

  • Fly (1 AP): 3 mp.

Attack Abilities:

  • Barbed Thorns (2 AP): 85 acc, 20 dmg, melee. The Thornbeast strikes and prepares to fly away. This Golem’s Movement Cooldown is reduced by 1.
  • Great-Thorn(2AP): 75 acc, 32 dmg, 2 rng. The Thornbeast creates a giant thorn spear to throw at enemies.

Passive Abilities:

  • The Thornbeast shoots thorns at any enemies it sees to clear a path. When this Golem ends its movement, enemy Golems in its Region take 10 Damage.

Found in Zikia: Spirits of the Wildwood