Golem Arcana is highly expandable for serious miniature enthusiasts, but it’s also just about the best introduction I can imagine into skirmish games of this style. If you’re looking for a fun strategic option, but you’ve been scared of the complexities of tabletop rules, this is the game for you.

- Game Informer Best Table Top Games of 2014

The more I have been playing the more I have been enjoying it… it’s very good 

- The Dice Tower, Tom Vasel

It’s just so weird. And cool.

                 - Rock Paper Shotgun, Robert Florence 

Possibly one of the best gateway games you will see come along in a long time 

- Table Top Minions

The bottom line is this: If you look at these images and think it looks fun, believe me, it is. Give Golem Arcana a try. You won’t regret it.

- Geek Dad, Dave Banks 

Its nice that the App calculates  everything and there is so much to this game. 3/4

- Board Game Corner, Mark Steed 

 Golem Arcana  has been on the tip of my tongue the last couple of weeks and I cannot stress enough how great it is. 9/10    

 App Store Arcade

To Sum it up, Golem Arcana is a fascinating, incredibly fun Tabletop game with tons of depth. Moreover, Golem Arcana is leading the charge in integrating technology into what has always been a traditionally played genre.  10/10

 - Techedg.com, Baylor Peak

I really think Harebrained is on to something here and I see countless possibilities for the future of not only Golem Arcana but other products. 

- Maximum Pixelation, Dan Spezzano

The fact that I could be immersed in that world and have some small effect on the direction it might take is perhaps the game’s greatest strength. That the game has the capacity to actually interact with the players—not just push new products but actually respond to the experiences of the individuals—is very compelling and represents an evolution of our technology that I’m glad Harebrained Schemes has brought to life.

- MajorFun.com, Will Bain

Harebrained Schemes has managed to truly enhance the tabletop war-gaming experience and turn it into something that both newcomers to the genre and grizzled veterans can enjoy. Once I got used to the interface and the app, which didn’t take very long, I was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked without interrupting the flow of the game. Having an app manage and enforce all the rules seems like a genius move, and it almost makes you wonder why someone hasn’t tried it before now. 90/100  

- Venture Beat, Jay Henningsen