If the death of the Khan is the wheel on which this world spins, then blood greases its turning.

—Jyotis Six-Finger, War Master of Tel Najar

The World of Eretsu

The Great Khan is dead. And the world of Eretsu is once again flung into war. Now, the Khan’s rivalrous children, the Gudanna, and his vanquished enemies, the Durani, vie for control of the vast dominion he built. They battle with Golems – towering behemoths born of magic and forged for destruction. Golems are ridden to war by powerful sorcerer-knights who can summon the favor of the Ancient Ones – celestial beings who grant supernatural aid… for a price. 

This is the world of Eretsu. A world at war. A world that thunders with the awesome might and terrible power of Golem Arcana.

The Durani Empire and the Gudanna Dominion

Once, the Durani Empire was the only force of order in Eretsu. The Durani brought law, enlightenment, and structure to the world. While dozens of unaffiliated tribes and clans clashed along its borders, the Durani Empire held firm and its army of stone and precious metal Golems stood sentinel. Yet such unchallenged mastery meant that corruption and rot crept into the institutions of the Empire.

Then came the Great Khan and the Arcanum Gudanna which allowed him to forge a new species of Golem requiring no exotic components for their creation.  With the knowledge he gained from the Arcanum Gudanna, he fielded an unstoppable army of Golems that could be crafted from the blood of the conjuring sorcerer and mere sand, giving him an edge over his enemies. This allowed the Khan to move, regroup, rebuild and strike almost anywhere at a moment’s notice. He soon laid claim to most of the Southern lands before turning his attentions to the ancient Durani Empire.

The Khan eventually met the Durani Empire’s marshalled strength at the gates of Ru and fought them to a standstill. In the wake of that great clash, the Durani realized they would never best the Khan’s armies and sued for peace. For the next fifteen years, they begrudgingly paid tribute to Jahnu Khan. A world once dominated by a single Empire was now divided between two great powers in an uneasy truce.

The sudden and mysterious death of the Khan shattered even that fragile peace.

Now, the old enemies clash again while other forces, long indentured, look to free themselves and establish new kingdoms. This is the beginning of the War of Blood and Stone.

The Forces Arrayed

The Durani Empire

The ancient Durani Empire derives its strength from its mighty stone Golems.

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The Gudanna Dominion

Using the rediscovered blood magic of Arcanum Gudanna the Khan conquered vast swathes of Eretsu.

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The Mercenary Kings

Throughout the land of Eretsu companies of mercenaries sell their services to the larger powers.

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