The Gudanna Dominion

The discovery of the Arcanum Gudanna by Uruk Jahnu began the rise of a new Empire, an Empire founded on blood and sand.

The Uruk were a minor Urugal clan until their Khan Jahnu led the search for the mythic Gudanna Arcanum. As the quest began to claim Uruk lives, Jahnu’s advisers began to question the wisdom of their brilliant, but obsessed young Khan. All those questions died on the adviser’s lips, however, when the Khan finally unlocked the clues to the Arcanum’s location in the Haunted City of Libir.

In only a few short years, the Gudanna Dominion went from a rumor carried on the wind in the wildest deserts to the most feared army in the world. All of it was made possible by the singular energy and vision of Jahnu, now known as the Great Khan. When the tidal wave of Gudanna conquest slammed into the mighty walls of the ancient Durani Empire, the future of Eretsu hung in the balance. Years of massive battles resulted in the unthinkable when the Durani agreed to cede the territories lost to the Gudanna and even pay the Great Khan annual tribute.

With his death, old enmities arise, and his most powerful heirs struggle to live up to his legend.

Raja Rudatha, The Spider Prince

The Blood Mage Rudatha has orchestrated the “protection” of many of his siblings, for he alone understands the Khan’s true legacy.

Raja Rudatha – or the “Spider Prince” as some call him – rarely leaves the serenity of his library, but his webs of information and influence reach the furthest edges and darkest corners of the Dominion. Yet land is not Rudatha’s focus, for he alone among his vast number of siblings understands the Great Khan’s true legacy. Where most see only the lands taken from conquered enemies, Rudatha sees in each of his father’s conquests another Ancient One bloodline woven into his own. Each of the Great Khan’s heirs is a weapon, for each represents a different combination of Ancient Ones that he or she can call on for supernatural support in battle. Rudatha knows that he that controls the Ancient Ones, controls Eretsu.

Raga Nandanna

Nadanna inherited her father’s warrior heart as well as his drive to control and extend the Dominion. She will dispatch any of her siblings that threaten that goal.

A powerful and proven warrior-mage whose bloodlines trace back to the Urugal and Gudanna Ancient Ones, Raga Nandanna has already drawn several of the Dominion’s key regiments to herself. She has mobilized them in her efforts to protect the Dominion and to eliminate any rivals for its throne. Jahnu, Great Khan, fathered over 100 children by almost as many wives, but is survived by only 4 wives and 27 children – 26 of which Nandanna will need to cow or destroy in order for her to occupy her father’s Saddle Throne.